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May 6th to 9th 2014: RDANA participated at the ENFORM 2014 Oil Safety Conference in Banff, Alberta.




May 7th to 9th 2013: RDANA participated at the ENFORM 2013 Oil Safety Conference in Banff, Alberta.




April 3rd 2013: RDANA Technology is featured in Business In Vancouver Magazine:











By Nelson Bennett
Tue Apr 2, 2013 12:01am PST

One of the challenges for first responders during a manmade or natural disaster is assessing damage and deploying resources where and when it’s most needed.

In the case of an earthquake in Haiti in 2010, it took international aid teams 48 hours to do an assessment.

That delay prompted the head of Jamaica’s office of disaster preparedness to issue a challenge during an international conference: could emerging technologies, like mobile devices and social media, be harnessed to provide for better, quicker disaster response?  Read more…


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