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Industries Served

RDANA’s signature product, SAINT, has wide application in almost any setting for remote monitoring/telemetry for M2M applications. Our specialization is in creating onsite “plug and play solutions” that can be set up anywhere by anyone. where wide geographical regions are involved.  We’re open to talking to any corporate leader who sees relevance in what we are doing. To date our focus has primarily been in these sectors:



Whether you’re part of the industry which fuels almost all others is upstream, midstream or downstream, drilling beneath the ocean floor or through tar sands, you are responsible for hundreds or thousands of workers; billions of dollars in equipment, raw materials and refined product; and important regulatory compliance to care for the communities and natural environments in which you work.

You need to be connected with the comprehensive data SAINT can put at your and your teams fingertips.



Collaboration, communication, teamwork, efficiency and accuracy are key elements for success during consulting projects. Our solution can connect your remote environmental monitoring sites and provide information in real-tim

SAINT can provide new efficiencies and a client user experience that will set you and your firm apart in your area of expertise.



Hydroelectric dams, stations and other infrastructure all need monitoring. So do mines and nuclear plants. In an ideal world, it might be possible to get all of our power from the sun and the wind and to be able to do so with zero risk to people or environments. Until that day comes, SAINT’s remote monitoring solution can reduce the dangers and the costs of procuring and providing the energy that powers our cities and towns.


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