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RDANA M&E is a collaborative workflow solution that incorporates your projects performance measurement framework as the driver for all workflow. This makes data recording, collaboration, monitoring, evaluation and reporting efficient and easy for your entire team.

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Measurement & Evaluation /

We provide workflow solutions to clients using results-based, monitoring & evaluation (M&E) methodologies so they can easily input information, collaborate, monitor, evaluate, improve and report on a projects status.

Our cloud solutions are easily implemented, customized, scaled and accessed for all stakeholders.


Real-time sensor monitoring by cellular, satellite and WiFi. We
have a “plug and play” solution for monitoring all types of sensors remotely in real-time.

RDANA Technology

With a single keystroke, our clients know their status when working towards outcomes that apply to the overall desired project impact.
Starting Out

Starting Out

In 2013 we started with a remote monitoring satellite and cellular solution (SAINT) for oil and gas companies who needed to be notified of gas leaks/releases at remote sites.

Adding Value

Adding Value

In 2015 we created OPS, a workflow solution to schedule and manage mobile workforces more effectively and safely.

Latest Innovation

Latest Innovation

In Q4 of 2017, we launched our results-based, monitoring and evaluation, workflow solution for government and NGO organizations.

Pricing Examples

Provide us with your projects Logic Model Framework (LMF) and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) to receive a complimentary, no-obligation quote
Small Project

Small Project

$20,000 USD

Designed to easily record information from inputs and activities in a specifc format to achieve funder reporting compliance and feedback information for project leaders.

This is for a 5 year project, using Results-Based, M&E methodologies.

  • This system was provided in 7 days, fully configured and ready to use.
Big Project

Big Project

$40,000 USD

This required a solution to record and report the outcomes (measured against impact goals) for a 5 year project involving over 100 separate strakeholders.

Each stakeholder had its own project information to record, measure and report against a unique impact goal, as well as loading into an aggregated data set to assess worldwide impact for all the countries involved.

  • Each stakeholder had different inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes that contributed to the overall impact.
  • Featured our one-step process to instantly access important reports for indicators. This achieves constantly updated situational awareness.
  • This system was delivered in 60 days, fully configured and ready to use.
Multi Project

Multi Project

$145,000 USD

This organization needed a custom solution to manage multiple ongoing projects that were individual as well as linked.

We provided a complete end-to-end workflow, management and reporting solution that was compliant with all Results-Based M&E reporting requirements including:

  • Recording and reporting outputs, outcomes and impact.
  • Full financial reporting.
  • A one-step process to access important reports.
  • Staff management suite including: CRM, calendar time-sheets, travel forms, expertise roster and in-kind contributions
  • This system was delivered in 6 months, fully configured and ready to use.


Our mission: To provide useful, cost-effective software solutions that save our clients money and time. Guaranteed.
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David Westdorp

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Otto Krauth


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