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RDANA M&E is a collaborative workflow solution that incorporates your projects performance measurement framework as the driver for all workflow. This makes data recording, collaboration, monitoring, evaluation and reporting efficient and easy for your entire team.

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Measurement & Evaluation /

We provide workflow solutions to clients using results-based, monitoring & evaluation (M&E) methodologies so they can easily input information, collaborate, monitor, evaluate, improve and report on a projects status.

Our cloud solutions are easily implemented, customized, scaled and accessed for all stakeholders.


Real-time sensor monitoring by cellular, satellite and WiFi. We
have a “plug and play” solution for monitoring all types of sensors remotely in real-time.


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Single Project Per Year


  • Single project with up to 25 users, fully-configured and ready to use with training and ongoing support

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  • Multiple projects with as many users as required, fully-configured and ready to use with training and ongoing support

RDANA Technology

With a single keystroke, our clients know their status when working towards outcomes that apply to the overall desired project impact.
Starting Out

Starting Out

In 2013 we started with a remote monitoring satellite and cellular solution (SAINT) for oil and gas companies who needed to be notified of gas leaks/releases at remote sites.

Adding Value

Adding Value

In 2015 we created OPS, a workflow solution to schedule and manage mobile workforces more effectively and safely.

Latest Innovation

Latest Innovation

In Q4 of 2017, we launched our results-based, monitoring and evaluation, workflow solution for government and NGO organizations.


Our mission: To provide useful, cost-effective software solutions that save our clients money and time. Guaranteed.
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David Westdorp

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