1) Why use RDANA M&E?

Our workflow solutions can be utilized in any results-based, performance measurement framework (PMF). RDANA M&E is “purpose-built” for measurement and evaluation purposes, easily implemented and scaled for any project size. This allows us to do things like:

  • Being effective in situations where multiple projects may need to roll up into a “master” logic framework.
  • Easily creating separate reports for multiple funders on the same project.
  • Providing a full financial module that is built around a performance measurement framework.
  • Create, edit and manage your own workflow forms. (i.e. purchasing, procurement, travel, or any custom form). Customizable multi-level approval process and reporting for workflows available.
  • Linking and automatically reporting remote sensing information (i.e. earthquakes, water quality, forest fires etc…) to a project’s performance measurement framework.
  • And much more……. (Let us know your challenges)

2) Who uses RDANA M&E?

Governments, NGO’s and consulting firms that utilize results-based, performance measurement frameworks to determine performance and success.  RDANA M&E eliminates cumbersome manual processes for data gathering and reporting.  This is accomplished by having the information needed for recording, measurement, evaluation, and reporting on projects in one integrated workflow system.  Project leaders and all your stakeholders can then easily find out how their efforts are contributing to the desired impact and (when required) how the project is performing overall.


3) How are our solutions deployed?

RDANA M&E is either cloud based and hosted on our servers or can be installed on your organization’s servers.


4) When is the best time to consider implementing RDANA M&E solutions?

We are often consulted in the planning stages for projects, although our solution can be implemented at anytime during a projects life cycle.  We can provide a quote once your project’s Logic Model Framework (LMF) and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) are completed.  Additionally, if you are seeking a full organization/multi-project management suite we can assist in any phase of your organizations growth and development.


5) Why should you consider RDANA Technology as service provider?

All our solutions are preconfigured to your exact M&E recording, measurement, evaluation and reporting requirements.  If given the opportunity, we will provide a solution that will meet your needs in an efficient and timely a manner as possible.


6) How can we obtain pricing from you?

We will provide you with a one-way non-disclosure agreement and in turn, you provide us with a projects Logic Model Framework (LMF) and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).  We then assess your project and business requirements and then provide a quote with all the modules required for your data gathering, monitoring, evaluation, report and billing needs.