We create workflow solutions for Results-Based, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) purposes, so our clients can easily monitor the ongoing performance of their project, then quickly evaluate, report and learn from their findings.

Our software brings your projects Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) to life and allows it to become interactive, dynamic and accessible.  Your team is then continuously updated on the progress toward the overall impacts you seek.

Dynamic and powerful workflow including: Data recording, monitoring, evaluation and reporting solutions for result-based projects are what we deliver.


How RDANA M&E Helps You:

A sound logical framework (Logical Framework Approach – LFA) that connects project: inputs and activities to outputs and outcomes when working toward the desired impact is an intrinsic element for success for any Government,NGO – social or environmental project/intervention.

The challenge in achieving forward progress with any Results-Based M&E methodology: How quickly is each output evaluated to make sure it is contributing to the right outcomes, which are in-line with achieving the overall desired impact?

Advantage of our solution:

Our workflow solution automatically connects every project output in real-time to your predetermined desired outcomes and links how they contribute to the overall impact of your intervention. This provides a constant updated awareness for your entire team.

Input your data once and then it can be accessed for a variety of different measurement and evaluation purposes.

The goal of any LFA is to make an overall objective achievable by breaking it down into smaller steps. Our solution directs all actions of project participants in a natural workflow based on your projects Performance Measurement Framework (PMF). We also provided the flexibility for leaders to modify their framework at any time during a project, should that be required.

Our solutions wrap around your projects Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and Logic Model Framework (LMF) to provide the seamless workflow for your team that eliminates the duplication of efforts and leverages everyone’s individual contribution for the benefit of all.

We give stakeholders the tools they need to know the value and take responsibility for their efforts. This information is then readily available to project managers/leaders in real-time, so momentum towards achieving impact is constantly monitored.

We provide a Logic Model Framework “LMF-wizard” tool so the projects performance measurement framework (PMF) can be easily shared with your team.

By having all of your logic model framework and performance measurement data in one place the information can then be accessed as necessary for a variety of research, evaluation and reporting purposes.