Our solutions are fully customizable

All M&E solutions come with 3 core modules
We offer monthly, yearly or one-time billing options
Module NameModule Description
Configuration & TrainingOur systems are fully configured to your project's performance measurement framework (PMF) and ready to use. Training for up to 25 staff is included.
SystemUser role-based access control (RBAC) and security.
M&E RBM Reporting UpdateM&E logic model builder with the project's LMF/PMF data entry forms and the ability to LMF/PMF. Has MS Word/Excel integration.
After that the choice is yours
ProjectCreate, edit and manage a variety of multiple projects.
CRM/Talent RosterCustomer Relationship Management. A database of skills, experience and contact information to support project initiatives and goals.
CalendarManage staff leave, vacations, travel days, special events and statutory holidays.
FinancialGenerate workflows to incorporate financial data and in-kind contributions by project and RBM activities. Full financial reporting flexibility: By business-unit, RBM activities, quarterly and financial year end. Import/export financial data using Excel.
TimesheetCapture time by project and activity. Link timesheets to financial systems.
Premium Modules*
Module NameModule Description
Form ManagementCreate, edit and manage a variety of workflow task forms. (i.e. purchasing, procurement, travel, or any custom form). Customizable multi-level approval process and reporting for workflows available.
GIS Geographic Information Systems integration to your project maps and workflow. Utilize WMS (Web Mapping Services) to monitor your field assets.
Remote Sensing IndicatorLinks and automatically report remote sensing monitoring information (i.e. earthquakes, water quality, forest fires etc…) to a project's PMF (Performance Measurement Framework).

*Pricing available upon request