Strategic control, Results-Based Management (RBM) reporting compliance and workflow harmony are what we deliver, guaranteed.

Our pledge to you: We will improve your productivity or your money will be refunded.

As a leader or stakeholder in a project, it is important for you to have access to tools to help you do your part and properly record inputs, activities into outputs as they contribute to outcomes that define the overall project impact you are working toward. At RDANA we have created technology that will allows all project participants be connected and in-tune in a natural workflow with what they have to do to move forward.

All project inputs and activities will only need to be added once and from there every stakeholder will be empowered to take responsibility and receive credit for their contributions.

This is the advantage of a fully integrated solution. Everyone will have real-time situational awareness on their work and how it reletes to what everyone is working towards. All reports only need to be created once and then they can be accessed at any point in the future.

Are you ready to maximize the time you spend achieving your projects outputs, outcomes and impacts, and minimize the amount time you spend preparing reports for monitoring and evaluation purposes?

Everything you need for success with Results-Based M&E compliance and reporting is accessible within our system.

We guarantee it!